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Lewis and Clark Expedition for kids: Facts about the Grizzly Bear
The grizzly bear is a powerful brownish-yellow bear that inhabits the uplands of western North America.

The animals brown fur has white or gray hair tips on the back which gives the animal a grizzled appearance, which is why the Grizzly Bear was given this name.

The Grizzly bear can be distinguished from the brown bear due to its long claws, concave-shaped face and high-humped shoulders.

The male Grizzly bear is  larger than the female weighing 230 - 450 kg (500 - 1000 lb). Female grizzlies weigh 150 - 350 kilograms (330 - 770 pounds).

The Grizzly Bear is an omnivore, which means it eats both vegetables and meat. 90% of its diet is vegetarian.

The terrifying animal can run at 30 miles (48 kilometers) an hour

The claws of the front feet can reach nearly 4 in (10 cm) long

The height of the Grizzly Bear is about  5.9 - 7 ft (180213 cm) when standing on its hind legs

Grizzly Bear: A Close Encounter for Meriwether Lewis
The journals of Lewis and Clark, and those written by members of the Corps of Discovery, record at least forty terrifying encounters with the ferocious Grizzly Bear on the Lewis and Clark expedition. In one of many meetings with grizzly bears, Meriwether Lewis escaped by running into a river. He had forgotten to reload his rifle and had only his spontoon, a lance or pike-like device, to defend himself.

Grizzly Bear: A Close Encounter for William Clark
On Sunday, May 5, 1805 William Clark recorded his close encounter with a Grizzly Bear. He was with another member of the expition called George Drewyer when they were confronted by the massive Grizzly. They managed to kill the terrible bear but with great difficulty. The men shot ten balls into him before he died. Clark recorded that the animal was the largest of the carnivorous kind he had ever seen  and believed his weight was at least 500 pounds.

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