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The Map of the Lewis and Clark expedition shows the route taken by the famous explorers on their outward journey across ten states to the Pacific Ocean. The expedition began on May 14, 1804 when the Corps of Discovery left Camp Wood, Missouri on their perilous, great journey west to the Pacific Ocean.

The outward journey (1804 - 1805) is indicated on the map by the straight dotted line
The return journey home (1806) took the same route
During the return journey they Corps split into separate parties in Montana to explore the Yellowstone and Marias Rivers. They re-joined near the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers and traveled the rest of the way together, down the Missouri River all the way home to St. Louis, Missouri.

Lewis and Clark Outward Journey

The Lewis and Clark Map shows the modern day states that Lewis and Clark passed. The names of the modern day states they traveled through are:

1. Missouri
2. Kansas
3. Nebraska
4. Iowa
5. South Dakota
6. North Dakota
7. Montana
8. Idaho
9. Washington
10. Oregon

Refer to the Lewis and Clark Journey Timeline for important dates and events.

A major goal of the expedition was to follow the Missouri River to itís source and itís tributaries and find a water route to the Pacific Ocean - a 'Northwest Passage'. It was never to be there was no direct waterway route or a Northwest passage.

Lewis and Clark Map - Scientific Instruments
The task of mapping the route of the expedition was the responsibility of Captain Clark who was experienced in conducting surveys. His map making ability and his maps were one of the greatest achievements of the expedition. He had a few scientific instruments that helped with the map making task including an octant or sextant, a chronometer and a magnetic and surveying compass. When Clark returned from the historic expedition he continued his work on a map of the North American continent which he published in 1814.

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