Lewis and Clark: Journal Summaries

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Lewis and Clark: Journal Summaries

12.12.1803  to 08.01.1804 - The expedition members train, and prepare, before setting off on their journey.

08.02.1804  to 08.29.1804 - The Corps of Discovery encounter Indians, for the first time, and suffer a fatality.

08.30.1804  to 09.30.1804 - Problems with the Teton Sioux.

10.01.1804  to 01.14.1805 - Fort Mandan is built and Sacagawea arrives with her husband, who is hired as an interpreter. 

01.15.1805  to 06.01.1805 - A birth, a Grizzly encounter and the first sighting of the Rockies.

06.02.1805  to 06.15.1805 - A fork in the river and the expedition’s first cache.

06.16.1805  to 08.12.1805 - Around the falls and into Shoshone territory.

08.13.1805  to 08.29.1805 - Meeting and trading with Sacagawea’s nation, the Shoshone.

08.30.1805  to 10.06.1805 - The horses struggle and a change of diet leads to illness.

10.07.1805  to 11.09.1805 - Approaching the Pacific Ocean.

11.10.1805  to 12.07.1805 - Struggling to keep anything dry, the Corps of Discovery sought a location for their winter camp.

12.08.1805  to 01.10.1806 - Fort Clatsop is built and a small party search for a whale.

01.11.1806  to 03.22.1806 - Winter in Fort Clatsop and preparation for the return journey.

03.23.1806  to 04.18.1806 - The return journey began with strong currents and problems with some Indians.

04.19.1806  to 05.01.1806 - The expedition switches from canoes to horseback and meets the Walla Walla Indians.

05.02.1806  to 05.30.1806 - Heading towards the Bitterroot Mountains and notable generosity from some Indians.

05.31.1806  to 06.22.1806 - An unsuccessful attempt to cross the Bitterroot Mountains.

06.23.1806  to 07.02.1806 - Into the mountains and a decision to divide the Corps of Discovery.

07.03.1806  to 07.17.1806 - The expedition divides and explores different routes.

07.18.1806  to 07.27.1806 - Clark loses several horses and Lewis encounters the Blackfeet Indians.

07.28.1806  to 08.13.1806 - Lewis is shot and the Corps of Discovery reunites.

08.14.1806  to 08.31.1806 - Lewis and Clark arrive back at the Mandan villages and face the Teton Sioux again.

09.01.1806  to 09.23.1806 - The Lewis and Clark Expedition concludes.

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